Specialised Hot Beeswax Treatments

This treatment is not just less painful but will also give a much better result than traditional warm waxing and is highly recommended for intimate or sensitive areas.


Lip Wax 15 mins £13.50

Chin Wax 15 mins £12.50

Eyebrow Wax 15 mins £13.50

Lip, Chin and Eyebrow 20 mins £30.00

Underarm Wax 15 mins £15.00

Bikini Wax 20 mins £20.00

Brazilian Wax (high cut) 25 mins £30.00

Extended Bikini 30 mins £25.00

Hollywood Wax (total removal) 30 mins £35.00

Traditional Warm Waxing


Forearm Wax 20 mins £25.00

Full Arm Wax 30 mins £32

Half Leg Wax 20 mins £23.00

Full Leg Wax 45 mins £40

Including standard bikini wax

Half Leg and Bikini 45 mins £40

Half Leg and Brazilian 50 mins £50

Half Leg and Hollywood 50 mins £55

Full Leg and Brazilian 55 mins £60

Full Leg and Hollywood 55 mins £65


Time for you
For every £40 you spend in Visage House on treatments or retail products you will receive 5 minutes of loyalty points. Once you have collected the total number of minutes required for your chosen treatment you can redeem your minutes and have that treatment completely free!

These treatments are available on a reduced course price of 6 for the price of 5