Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

A non surgical method of dramatically improving the texture and appearance of the skin by means of mechanical skin exfoliation. It is performed by passing a hand held device that uses a highly controlled flow of fine medical grain crystals over the skin. These crystals, delivered at high velocity onto the skins surface are immediately vacuumed away, taking the top-most layer of dead skin that lies below. Leaving the skin immediately smoother, fresher, healthier and more radiant.

Great for: shallow acne scaring, blackheads, blocked pores, sun damage, pigmentation, dull or patchy skin and fine lines, wrinkles.


Crystal Clear Facial 60 mins £70

Includes full cleanse, mask application and massage.

Add this to any of our facials for an additional £20.00 adding an additional 20 minutes


Time for you
For every £40 you spend in Visage House on treatments or retail products you will receive 5 minutes of loyalty points. Once you have collected the total number of minutes required for your chosen treatment you can redeem your minutes and have that treatment completely free!

These treatments are available on a reduced course price of 6 for the price of 5